How can I find a photograph of some particular building, street, square or place?

In the “search box”you type in a name of the place that you need to find. By doing so, the system will execute the site searches by text you provided, and in the end, will deliver you most relevant results.

What does an advanced search tool involve?

The advanced site search functionality allows for an in-depth dive into our database by using the selective words (e.g. referring to title, author, or description), including the analysis of all possible interconnections resulting from typing in the following boolean operator:
and, or, no.

Applying of the advanced search tool results in delivering a limited number of results of most relevance to the words typed in.

I have come across some photo which is of particular interest to me and which I would like to include in my publication – Can I download the photo from your site and just use it?

In case the information provided on the item description in the Copyrights section includes the ‘public domain’ descriptor, it will mean that the photograph can be freely multiplied, adjusted and displayed to the public, inclusive of commercial purposes hereto with no obligation of a prior approval. However, the reference made in your publication to the photograph’s source of origin will be much appreciated.

In any other matters, please contact us. You will find our contact details clicking the Contact icon.

In order to find further details regarding the copyrights information on the photo, click the More icon.

I would like my photos to be on the Wolskie Regionalia website, do I have to give them to the Library?

No. The Wolskie Regionalia is only a collection of digital copies of the photographs. It means that the photos will be returned to their owners as soon as they have been scanned on-site.

How long does the scan take and how long do I have to wait for the materials to be returned?

The time needed for scanning your photos is dependent on their specificity. If the photos are of standard size, it is possible for us to scan them on the spot without the necessity on leaving them., If these are photo albums, it is necessary to choose the appropriate scanning method so as not to damage the originals. In such a case, you will be asked to leave your photos and provide us with your contact data so that we can inform you about the progress of digitization and the possibility of collecting the materials.

What should be done to submit photos for scanning and posting on the Wolskie Regionalia website?

If you wish to deposit your private photos to have them scanned and posted on the Wolskie Regionalia website, please contact our Science Reading Room III by phone on 22 529 09 44 ; 22 529 09 48, or by email at c3@bpwola.waw.pl to make arrangements for depositing your private materials with us as your donation.

In order to further deposit procedure, you can, prior to the meeting with our staff, download and fill out the Form – Depositing Private Materials as Donation on Behalf of the Public Library in the Wola District of the Capital City of Warsaw contained in the About the project section.

Alternatively, you can fill out and hand in the Form - Depositing Private Materials … when you meet our Reading Room staff.

Are there only photos in The Wolskie Regionalia?

Photos make a core part of our archives. Additionally, we collect other materials such as memoirs, publications dedicated to the district of Wola as well as miscellaneous literary works written by our donors and depositaries, with a topic-related to history of Wola District. In the near future, we also plan to collect and share recorded memories of Wola residents.

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